Lumsden Primary School

Dates and Events

Reporting Calendar



November 2017



16th November       P4-7 Profile sharing

16th November       Jog Club (4.15 – 5.00)

16th November       Parent Council meeting


17th November       Children in Need (pupil)


22nd November       Open Afternoon


23rd November       Flu Jabs (pupil)

23rd November       Jog Club


24th November       Profiles 1


27th November       Scottish Book Week


28th November       Café


30th November       P7 Trip – Science of Underwater (pupil)

30th November       P1-5 – Day of Dance (pupil)

30th November       Jog Club



December 2017


6th December          Satrosphere and Theatre Trip (pupil)


8th December          P1-3 Story time


13th December        Christmas Show


15th December        P4-7 Profile Sharing


20th December        Christmas Lunch and Party  (date change) (pupil)


22nd December       End of Term